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At Castleview Recycled Granite, we manufacture and sell eco-friendly split granite tile, pavers and other beautiful products in the Cincinnati  area. All of our natural stone products are created using leftover granite from the countertop industry (that would normally end up in a landfill)... making them 100% earth friendly and very green.


Split Stones

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Each tile is handmade.  And just like a snowflake, each is a unique creation.  Unlike polished granite countertops, our split face stone reveals the shimmering mica and sparkling quartz crystals that have been locked inside for millions of years.  All of our products are eco-friendly and LEED qualifying:  By using just 30 sq. ft. of this material you will prevent over 200 lbs of waste from entering a landfill. 



Going GREEN has never looked so GOOD!

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